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Re: 2.7 only seeing 10MB of memory

Glenn, you haven't given us enough information to be able to help you.
Given what you've said, I'd say something is broken--not too useful, eh?

What are you running?  What platform?  It would be very very helpful if
you would include a copy of the dmesg output from the machine, so
people could stare at it and perhaps see whats wrong.  I'm guessing
that you are using a PC of some sort, which has all sorts of possible
reasons for things going wrong.  But without real data, thats only a

--STeve Andre'

At 11:12 PM 12/11/00 -0500, Glenn Strouhal wrote:
The title says it all.  I have 24MB present but top is only reporting a
10MB.  What gives?

I'm running 2.7.



Glenn Strouhal
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