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Re: firewalls

Thanks to all of you  who replied, online and offline.  I'm sorry I didn't reply to
you all earlier, but I was away.
    It would appear that there have been no real, documented comparisons between
commercial firewalls and an ipf/OpenBSD firewall. I'm not terribly surprised as
usually only commercial firewall companies are willing to pay for these studies and
they'd be very upset to be upstaged by a free firewall solution.
    We actually have several of the Nokia FreeBSD/celeron machines, but they are
being used by a different part of the company. I believe I will be able to convince
management to go with an ipf based firewall, anyway. The cost of the nokia boxes is
rather high (It could easily go over $25K for a single box + controlling software +
support). So, a $2,500 (A decent, rackmount PC)  price tag is a lot easier to sell
than a $25K price tag. :-)


Seth Arnold wrote:

> * Nicholas Brawn <nickbrawn_(_at_)_onetel_(_dot_)_com> [001206 14:51]:
> > Something you may want to consider is FW1 running on Nokia IP330/440/650
> > boxes. The underlying OS is FreeBSD, the boxes themselves are intel-based.
> >
> > The link for more info on the IP* boxes is:
> >
> >       http://www.iprg.nokia.com
> Ensure also to look at the following URL:
> http://www.securityfocus.com/frames/?content=/templates/archive.pike%3Flist%3D1
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