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RE: vim syntax highlighting in xterm

This was very useful to me, maybe something to add to the FAQ?

One question, when xterm starts I almost always have to go in using the
menus and change the font to huge. Which configuration option would I set to
make this the default? I have looked at the 
man pages for xterm and xdm but I must be missing something.


> Put this in your $HOME/.Xdefaults
> XTerm.VT100*background: black
> XTerm.VT100*foreground: lightgrey
> XTerm.VT100*font: 
> -jmk-neep-bold-r-normal-*-*-100-100-100-c-*-iso8859-1
> XTerm.VT100*cursorColor: magenta
> XTerm.VT100*scrollBar: false
> XTerm.VT100*highlightColor: blue4
> XTerm.VT100*boldColors: true
> XTerm.VT100*colorMode: true
> XTerm.VT100*colorBDMode: true
> XTerm.VT100*colorULMode: true
> XTerm.VT100*colorBLMode: true
> XTerm.VT100*colorBD: white
> XTerm.VT100*colorUL: cyan
> XTerm.VT100*colorBL: cyan
> XTerm.VT100*geometry: 80x25
> XTerm*termName: xterm-color       ! this is where the colors 
> come from.
> And you get a nice xterm with colors for both vim and mutt, 
> no problem.
> Beware, the font I specify isn't standard in X (imported from some
> Debian install I once had ...). No scrollbars because
> Shift+[PgUp,PgDown] is so much nicer.
>              Morten
> -- 
> UNIX, reach out and grep someone!

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