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Re: ssh - are you nuts?!?

Jesse Monroe, Jr. 

	 also known as Jessem (opentrax_(_at_)_email_(_dot_)_com)

You are the president of svbug.com (a recently formed BSD user's group in the silicon valley area)
track 1 (7pm) of your Jan 4th meeting will be an introductory talk to the R services (rsh, rlogin, rcp etc...)
the services SSH was designed to securely REPLACE.
track 2 (the featured speaker at 7:45pm) is you prensenting your "SSH are you nuts?! ?" (as advertised on your website) speech.

You have been posting ALOT
on a topic you haven't even RESEARCHED properly. You could find many of the answers to the 
questions you asked in various faq, articles and mailing list archives not to mention the man pages.
You could have even bought a book before asking us alot of questions.

like this one for example: Unix Secure Shell by Anne H. Carazik

it seems like you haven't done your homework
did you even bother reading the mailing list etiquette on the openbsd.org page?
go look at the 20 lines or so under Netiquette

As of yet you haven't shared your concepts of WHY you think ssh is evil.
It looks like you are trying to very hard to come up with reasons to validate your idea.
It also looks like you are not above using semantic tricks to validate your idea.
It also looks like you are looking to OUR community to provide you with your arguments.

Now, the thought of you making a speech about "The evils of SSH" to a room full of new users right after introducing them to the insecure services ssh replaces 
makes me shudder. As a "featured speaker" and unix advocate you have a responsibility to introduce the new users that come to your meetings
to VALID information.  However you don't even seem very aware of many of the FEATURES of ssh. You have already confessed your ignorance of scp and port forwarding.
Are you SURE you know what you are talking about? Are you qualified to have an opinion? Don't you think that spreading misinformation to impressionable new users is irresponsible?

You asked the community to share their thoughts with you and some of us have. 
I think it is only fair that we ask you to share your thoughts with us for comments and review or stop posting to the list.
I don't think any of us here want to contribute to you advocating the use of telnet and the r services over the use of ssh to a room of new users.

Matt Sauve-Frankel