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Re: [Document Project] OpenBSD Documentation Explained.

Pete Gontier <kokorozashi_(_at_)_gontier_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
>Each entry might list
>things like the name of the package "Apache", the internet protocols it
>implements (http), the broad functionality it delivers (web server), the
>string to type after 'man' ("httpd"), the home page
>("http://www.apache.org/blah/blah/whatever/";), the pathname in the file
>system ("/usr/sbin/httpd"), etc. etc. Optimally, such a catalog would be
>architected in such a way that a reader could approach the entry from many
>of the directions I just listed (and probably more).

That's a nice idea.  Make it a live webpage in a section of the FAQ
and people can fill it out as they go (especially regarding the "not
installed" bit...).  If OpenBSD shipped a version as part of the standard
install and mapped 'help $1' to 'man -k $1; grep $1 instcatalog' (where
instcatalog contains the keywords and a URL for the record on said web-
page) it might even get used.

Pete (a different one, honest!)