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Compile farm (was: life with OpenBSD)

Ken Weingold wrote:
> ----- Forwarded message from "Jason R. Fink" <jrf_(_at_)_diverge_(_dot_)_org> -----
> | Looking around I found
> | one that looked like something they might like, Sawmill.  Wow, there
> | is a version for OpenBSD.  Hmmm, same one is for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and
> | NetBSD.  Weird.  Tried it and of course it didn't work.  Emailed them
> | and the guy said it was compiled on FreeBSD.  He offered to compile
> | it on our machine if I gave him a temp login.  Very cool of him, but
> | this just shows that there seems to be a general lack of software
> | around for OpenBSD, at least compared to other flavors of UN*X. 


wouldn't it be cool to have an OpenBSD compile farm?
Not every free software developer has access to an
OpenBSD computer, but many would like to see their
software to be ported to many platforms.