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Re: life with OpenBSD

On Fri, Dec  8, 2000, Lipscomb, Al wrote:
> There is nothing wrong with using multiple tools and using the right one for
> the job. OpenBSD is my choice when a OS must be exposed to the Internet. For
> something like Webtrends I would have a backend box that processes the logs.
> This box could run Linux or any other OS you needed it to run. 
> Running Webtrends on your production server has additional drawbacks as does
> take a pretty good bite out of system resources if it has large logs to chew
> on.

I am aware of the resources it will take up, but this is what they
want and are willing to pay for.  I think it has to do with the web
end of the companies not having a lot to show for what they do, so all
these stupid pretty stats and graphs and pie-charts that almost no one
there understands makes the suits think that they are doing something.
But as far as I can see it needs to be run on the live server since it
seems to integrate with the web server itself.  I think it actually
uses cookies.


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