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RE: How to setup a domain in OpenBSD 2.7?

I'm not the greatest person to ask but.....

The location of the DNS should not matter. As long as you have a DNS
server available somewhere to resolve your domain name you should be
fine. All you will be doing is changing the DNS entry to point to the
new IP when you move the web server. On outbound DNS queries for
things like reverse lookups or if your just playing with lynx on the
webserver all you'll need is a DNS that will allow you to resolve
names. I can't imagine why your studio network would not already have
one available.

Hope it helps,
Jason Stout

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From: "D. Cook" <cook101_(_at_)_yahoo_(_dot_)_com>
To: misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org
Sent: December 8, 2000 8:49:52 AM GMT
Subject: How to setup a domain in OpenBSD 2.7?

Hi everyone.  We want to move our www server from a hosting isp back to
our studio network because we'd like to link the www to a mysql database.
Our questions are: is it necessary to setup Bind to maintain a www
server at home? Or we just ask NIC to change the primary and 2nd dns to
our specified ips?  If a DNS is necessary to keep a www server (we could
still use an isp's dns for normail queries), how would that be done?
What changes do we need to do on the OpenBSD box 2.7/2.8?  We read
through faq (especially networking section many times) but could not get
enough clues.  /var/named things are so technical for us to know how to
adjust. Thanks in advance for any kind help and pointers.

D. Cook

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