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Clearly you didn't read my follow up, someone already said that, and like I said, I just wanted to confirm what I thought so that I didn't screw it up. I read the man page and figured just adding my users to /etc/ftpchroot and uncommenting FTP in inetd.conf woulf suffice. Which it did.


Sorry if I'm sounding like a broken record here, but you really can find out
a huge amount of stuff by looking for things youself.

Really, it boils down to two commands, apropos and man.

If you said "apropos ftp", the apropos program would find all the occurances
of "ftp" in the man pages and show them to you.

Then a "man ftpd" would show you the actual page.

There is one other thing which is VERY important, which is the "afterboot"
man page, which suggests all the things that you should think about/look at
once your system is up.

If you get into the habbit of using man and apropos, you'll actually learn
on your own, and faster than you might think.


At 02:56 PM 12/7/00 -0600, you wrote:
I want to run an FTP server to let my users download/upload eachothers
stuff and share files, if I just uncomment it in inetd.conf will that be

I would prefer to NOT allow anonymous connections, and only allow users
that login with their user/pass to use FTP. SO would this situation work
by just uncommenting FTPd in inetd.conf or would I have to start it manually?
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