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Re: [Document Project] OpenBSD Documentation Explained.

> Ok. Here is a suggestion. I am even offering to *DO* this suggestion, in
> my copious spare time. I want to run it past misc@ first, to see if
> there is any support/suggestions on the idea, before I blast headfirst
> into dealing with it.
> We can all agree: "Printer-HOWTO" is a lot easier to find on a site of
> howtos (such as the LDP servers) than ``man lpd'' and ``man 5
> printcap'', if one doesn't know what one is looking for. (The whole
> ``dictionary is pointless to help me spell!'' argument.)

---- snip ----
john.NOC:screen.~% man -k printer
lp (4) - line printer
lpc (8) - line printer control program
lpd (8) - line printer spooler daemon
lprm (1) - remove jobs from the line printer spooling queue
lptest (1) - generate lineprinter ripple pattern
mcprint (3) - ship binary data to printer
pac (8) - printer/plotter accounting information
ppi (4) - HP-IB printer/plotter interface
printcap (5) - printer capability data base
testprns (1) - check printer name for validity with smbd  .PP 
---- clip ----

Can't get much easier than that.

John Kerbawy <john_(_at_)_maKintosh_(_dot_)_com>

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