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the make build

OK - updated the source tree via CVS on the P133/32 MB.

Built the kernel successfully now, and it booted -- no worries there.

Now I'm doing the "make build" in /usr/src/.  It's taking forever, which
of course is what I expected....  ;P

My question is: suppose tomorrow a patch is released for some binary,
take mount for example.  OK, so after I do the CVS update of the source...
do I really need to do this huge "make build" again?  If so, will it take
just as long (24+ hours), or will make not rebuild the rest of the
system unnecessarily?

One other question while I'm at it: when the make build is complete,
have all the updates already been applied by that point or is there
something else that needs to be done to finalize the upgrade (similar to
a "make install")?