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Re: Problems installing with floppy28.fs (aaargh!)

Are you completely sure that the keyboard jack at the motherboard
is OK?  Is it loose, at all?

I say this, because I once helped a friend who was trying to boot up FreeBSD
on an old 486 which ran Win95 just fine, but did odd things when installing
FreeBSD.  After too much time spent looking at the hardware, we re-soldered
the keyboard jack at the motherboard, and poof, no more FreeBSD problems.

Unlikely I'm sure, but it's worth checking...

--STeve Andre'

At 09:40 PM 12/6/00 +0100, Sven Burgener wrote:
On Tue, Dec 05, 2000 at 06:08:33PM -0500, josh wrote:
> Sven Burgener wrote...
> > Additionally, this might be of help:
> >
> > pcvt: got KEYB_R_RESEND
> > pcvt: no kbd detected
> Try a new keyboard.  The PC is not detecting the one you have.

The keyboard is definately working. I use it right now as I type this

Exchanging it for another (also known to be working keyboard) led to no

As I said, at the "boot>" prompt I can type just fine, but for some
reason, I cannot anymore when I get to the point where I can choose
between "Installing", "Upgrading" or bumping out into a "Shell".

Weird, huh?

Help, anyone? Please.


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