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Re: groups qestion

On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, Seth Arnold wrote:

> * Hannah Schroeter <uk1o_(_at_)_rz_(_dot_)_uni-karlsruhe_(_dot_)_de> [001205 14:30]:
> > Btw, the alleged security problem I mentioned is just NOT there, I've been
> > advised about that in private EMail.
> Hannah, care to share the gist of the email?

I wasn't the one who sent that email, but from Hannah's previous

     E.g. in the default install, /tmp and /var/tmp are sticky
     world-writable, group wheel. Just copy a shell there (without
     chgrp). The shell is then owned by you, group wheel. Now set
     the setgid flag.

Try it. Under 2.7 i386, I get:

hamon:~$ ls -l /tmp/sh
-r-xr-xr-x  1 bodhi  wheel  307200 Dec  5 15:19 /tmp/sh*

hamon:/tmp$ chmod g+s /tmp/sh
chmod: /tmp/sh: Operation not permitted

If I chgrp /tmp/sh to a group I am in, then the chmod works. Earlier,
I tried looking thorugh some man pages[0], to see if I could find
this documented, but I couldn't find it.

[0] chmod(1), chmod(2), setmode(3) and sticky(8)
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