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Re: .profile in xterm

* Ragnar Beer <rbeer_(_at_)_uni-goettingen_(_dot_)_de> [001205 09:29]:
> Without X everything works fine, but as soon as I start X (xdm) and 
> open up an xterm window it seems that .profile isn't read anymore and 
> all my settings like PS1 and stuff don't work. What can I do?

Rather than just starting xterm, ask xterm to run ksh for you, but give ksh
the -l parameter -- that will turn ksh into a login shell, and it will
then process your ~/.profile. (bash provided a .bashrc file for the
non-login shells, so xterm logins could use those instead -- I am
halfway surprised ksh doesn't have a similar feature, but not *too*
surprised. Most people ended up sourcing the one from the other. :)

xterm(1)'s -e option will come in handy here. :)

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