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Re: groups qestion

On Mon, Dec  4, 2000, Christian Weisgerber wrote:
> Ken Weingold <hazmat_(_at_)_hellrot_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
> > But since this user was added to wheel so it could su, it has
> > created files as group wheel.  Even odder to me is that now that it is
> > not in wheel anymore it is still doing this.  Can anyone tell me where
> > the system is getting this?
> BSD takes the group ownership of a file from the parent directory.

Thanks, Christian.  That explains exactly what I found in my
follow-up.  All BSD'd do this?  Any particular reason?  I'm used to
the Solaris (System V?) style, which up front seems to make sense more
sense.  The only reason I could see for this is that if a file or dir
is created, then taking on the group of the directory itself would at
least assure that whoever owns the directory would be able to modify
it.  Still seems odd to me, especially for /tmp, but then again that's
what chmod is for. :)

Thanks again.


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