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2.8 Installation

Hi everyone!

While installing OpenBSD went smoothly with version 2.7 I seem to be out of luck with 2.8.

Booting from Floppy28.fs the system hangs when it reaches the scsi-controller configuration. Booting from the other two floppy images the system reaches the install/upgrade/shell menu but no harddisks are found later on. I have three scsi drives in there and they appear when installing OBSD 2.7.

I have an Athlon 650 on a FIC SD11 with 2 Intel netcards (IRQ 9+11), Viper 770 videocard (IRQ 11) and a Symbios 53C810 SCSI (IRQ 10) controller. The onboard USB Controller also uses IRQ 10, onboard IDE IRQ 14+15.

What could be wrong? Any help appreciated.


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