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Re: Problems running NetBSD or OpenBSD on newer IBM laptops?

* Toni Mueller <support_(_at_)_oeko_(_dot_)_net> [001130 10:48] wrote:


> > IBM's support of Linux on its desktops leaves much to be desired. There
> Hmmm? I don't use IBM desktop machines, but are interested in hearing
> this story.

My mistake: I meant 'laptops.'

> > is an issue with the BIOS with the 390X I'm using; with newer BIOS
> > revisions, the CPU fan doesn't start properly, the CPU heats past a
> > certain threshold and it underclocks itself (i.e., it runs dramatically
> > slower). IBM's response amounted to about the same. Linux isn't even one
> > of the supported OS's for Thinkpads, I believe.
> Yuck. Officially it _is_ supported. You should at least be able to get
> a factory installed Caldera on a thinkpad. I don't know how/why this
> could mean that other Linux distros run as well :/

Well, they're sending mixed signals. See:


Windows and OS/2 are the only supported operating systems listed, yet
elsewhere IBM is offering Linux preloaded on the T21 (I didn't check to
see which others).