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Re: Advice on server

On 29 Nov 2000, at 18:53, Kit Halsted wrote:

> Is there free or cheap scp software out there for Macs & Windoze 
> boxes that's easy to use? I'm sure I can get the Mac users to 
> eventually figure out how to use the scp function in Nify Telnet SSH, 
> but I'm not so sure the Windoze people will be able to figure out how 
> to install the TeraTerm hackaround for scp, much less use it.

For Win9x boxen I have been using pscp and iXplorer but it's not 
bullet proof and I'm not sure I would recommend that as an 
alternative to my clients.  

Pscp is a DOS command-box program and may not even run on WinNT or 

I'm hoping for an opensource sftp client for Win32 ....

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