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Re: ftp install

Just installed 2.8 on a 486/66 with 16M of RAM last
night, ftping from my internal server. No problems.

I have tried 8M and 12M: problems. But 16M is ok.


On Sun, 26 Nov 2000, Gerald Thornberry wrote:

> Once I receive my 2.8 CDs, I'll be installing two systems
> for home use.  The first will be a 486 DX50 with 16MB RAM
> that I plan to install via ftp from a Linux box.  Why not
> install via CD?  The 486 has no CDROM and I don't foresee
> installing one if it's not necessary.  The box will be a
> firewall only.  While I have been working with Linux for
> about 2 years, I've never installed OpenBSD.  I'm curious if
> I'll run into trouble doing the ftp install on a 486 with
> only 16MB RAM?  Recently I tried the same operation on this
> box with RedHat7, only to discover that the RH ftp install
> requires 20MB RAM (which this 486 is not capable of).  I'm
> hoping that OpenBSD is much more flexible.  
> After researching OpenBSD on this list over the past couple
> of months, I'm really looking forward to trying it out.  If
> you're able to help on my ftp question, I'll appreciate it.
> Gerald Thornberry

Carson Harding - carson_(_dot_)_harding_(_at_)_home_(_dot_)_com