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Apache suEXEC

Total newbie here, (well, not quite - I'm running a Linux box and 
doing virtual hosting there, plus I'm a computer consultant (Wintel & 
Netware) by trade), but I'm trying to move all my Internet stuff to 
OpenBSD).  I've been rooting around in the FAQs and the mailing-list 
archives and I haven't found how to do this.

I have a 2.7 system that I plan to use as a webserver, and I want to 
use it with Apache's virtual-hosting.  But I don't have the source 
installed, so I can't ./configure apache with suEXEC, which it needs 
for virtual hosting.  The examples on the CVS FAQ page end up filling 
my /usr partition with tons of CVS stuff I don't want to have on this 
system.  How do I download ONLY what I need to reconfigure Apache so 
I can run ./configure and enable suEXEC?

AFAICT Apache is included in the base install, not a package, so I 
can't use the pkg system ...

Angus Scott-Fleming      GeoApplications, Tucson, Arizona
angussf_(_at_)_geoapps_(_dot_)_com   1-520-290-5038 / fax 1-208-248-3124