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Re: dial up

Darren wrote:

It seems pretty clear to me that OBSD is having problems detecting the modem
at boot.  I tried setting the jumpers alternatively to irq's 2, 5 and 7.  It
was already set to 3.  And, 4 was/is being used by pccom0.  BTW, the modem
is jumpered to COM4.

I had a quick gander at the kernel (GENERIC). It appears that pccom3 is not enabled by default. Comments are their explaining why.

If you are booting with new hardware (not PnP), and if its settings don't
conflict with existing hardware, shouldn't OBSD find it without special
configuration?  I don't mind doing my homework on this, but I'm not sure
what man page to read next.

This is debendant on the kernel as they are all compiled in.

I would suggest re-configuring your card to I/O 0x3e8 with IRQ 5 otherwise compile a new kernel with the values you desire for pccom4.