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Fine Tuning Kernel Network Paramaters

This may seem like a very silly question but while playing starcraft from
within a NAT enabled firewall, I keep getting dropped even though im
connected on a cable modem.  I thought maybe the cards on my firewall
sucked.  So i rebooted the firewall into windows and tried playing on
battle.net, and it works fine.  So i was thinking maybe i can tune some
settings.  Is there so docs on tuning these parameters below so that my
NAT enabled computers don't get dropped? Or does anyone have any
suggestions on how I can tune it, I believe the problem is with UDP but I
can't verify that.


 sysctl -a|grep net.inet.tcp
net.inet.tcp.rfc1323 = 1 net.inet.tcp.keepinittime = 150
net.inet.tcp.keepidle = 14400
net.inet.tcp.keepintvl = 150
net.inet.tcp.slowhz = 2
net.inet.tcp.baddynamic = 587,749,750,751,760,761,871
net.inet.tcp.recvspace = 16384
net.inet.tcp.sendspace = 16384
net.inet.tcp.sack = 1
net.inet.tcp.mssdflt = 512

sysctl -a|grep net.inet.udp
net.inet.udp.checksum = 1
net.inet.udp.baddynamic = 587,749
net.inet.udp.recvspace = 41600
net.inet.udp.sendspace = 9216