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crashes on heavy disk usage

Hi all,

I'm having problems with obsd. The machines crashes on heavy disk usage
(what i unhappily prooved while trying the coredump to an websever...).
This is reproducable.
Running 2.7, custom kernel, no softupdates. cvs'ed up yesterday or so any
built a new kernel. DMA transfers switched off after the first problems,
doesn't solve the problem.
Machine: AMD K6-III 400, Asus P5A board (Ali Aladdin V chipset), IBM 10gig
drive (IDE). I'm putting as much information as possible at
http://misc.bsws.de/crash/ , including dmesg and coredump. If any
information is missing, please tell my so i can add.
On failure, the ddb shows me s/t like panic: _blkfree ... /var or / .
The machine is mainly used as mailserver (qmail-ldap) and dns (djbdns),
LDAP (OpenLDAP)  and some not so heavy used services like ftp (proftpd),
http (apache) and so on. I would call it "heavy loaded".

Thx for your help

Henning Brauer      | Hostmaster BSWS
BS Web Services     | www.bsws.de
Roedingsmarkt 14    | hostmaster_(_at_)_bsws_(_dot_)_de
20459 Hamburg

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