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Xircom cards and floppy bootdisks

Hey everyone, got a couple questions regarding the new floppy
boot disks. Can someone tell me where I read about the purpose
of the 3 different bootdisks. I can't find it now that I need it.
If I remember correctly, the third bootdisk was "designed" for
laptops. Is this correct?

Also, offhand does anyone know if the new Xircom cardbus driver
Aaron Campbell commited about a month ago supported on any of the
disks? I'm trying to setup a laptop and I can only have a floppy
OR a cd player at one time. Since the cd player is so old it
won't boot from my OpenBSD disk I need to do an ftp install by
booting from the floppy.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to add a Toshiba Portege 660CDT to
the list at monkey.org ;-)

Jason Stout

aaron campbell

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