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Re: Allowing incoming mail

OpenBSD has excellent manual pages and a nice FAQ.

mailwrapper man page
mail.local man page
Anything from Oreilly
UNIX for Dummies (may not be a bad idea for you!)

Or, since you dont care to read:
/bin/ed /etc/mail/sendmail.cf
/bin/ed /etc/rc.conf
Be sure not to make backups first ;)

And telnet probably isnt a good idea.  Turn it off.

Or even better, save yourself the trouble and RTFM.
This isnt a list for general unix questions. 

George Dodd

> Well an IP address is the same as a hostname just in numerical form.  I run 
> a telnet server on my home system and give shell accounts to friends.  I 
> need to be able to allow them to send and recieve mail at 
> theirusername_(_at_)_mysystem

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