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Re: Cardbus/PCMCIA Ethernet

> From: Michael Grice <grice_(_at_)_binc_(_dot_)_net>
> * Jason Stout <jasonstout_(_at_)_email_(_dot_)_com> [001113 18:13] wrote:
> > I'd be very curious what others recommend as well. I just grabbed
> > a Xircom cardbus 10/100 ethernet card off ebay. I didn't even
> > think to check the HCL until _after_ I won the damn thing. Aarg!
> > 
> > With respect to the cardbus question. I believe that cardbus
> > is 32bit where normal pcmcia is only 16. I could be completely
> > wrong about that but every cardbus card I've seen is 32 while all
> > the slim credit card ones have been 16.
> Tentatively speaking, the Xircom cardbus 10/100 ethernet/modem card in
> my laptop seems to work reasonably well with the snapshots from 10/31 or
> so. According to dmesg it's a "Xircom, CardBus Ethernet 10/100 + Modem
> 56, CBEM56G."

More out of curiosity than directly related to this question, Michael's
running a laptop, I've got an old Toshiba 420CDT that I run as
a router (modem and PCMCIA ethernet card), running very well with
2.7, has anyone any success stories with this box and 2.8?  I
want the IPv6 resolver libraries, but the box is my link, and I
don't have a spare to test 2.8 on.