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Re: TELNETD important

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000 14:00:33 CST, "John Smith" wrote:
> Does anyone know how I could fix this.  It doesn't start up when I uncomment 
> it from inetd.conf.  If you do know whats wrong give detailed instructions 
> since I am  not very experienced.

Someone posted the answer to this the first time... you need to send
inetd a HUP signal. This command:

	kill -HUP `cat /var/run/inetd.pid`

works, although there are other ways you could do it. Use your imagination :-)

The reason telnetd won't start when you run it from the command line is that
it's not a separate daemon like sendmail that runs on its own; it's inetd's
job to start up an instance of it when someone connects.

Some network services are written to run standalone, some are written to
run out of inetd. Some (like apache and sshd) can be run either way, based
on how you set them up. telnetd is only runnable from inetd.

It has nothing to do with DHCP; telnetd'll work regardless of whether you use
DHCP or rarpd or little-green-men-from-mars-d. Just try "telnet localhost"
or "telnet" while you're logged into the machine in question;
if it works, telnetd is working. DHCP is a separate issue.