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Help with routing aliases

(first time post)

I've attempted to read all the documentation on routing and IP aliasing,
but I can't seem to figure something out.
How do you route through certain aliases which you give to an interface?
(I know how to GIVE an interface multiple aliases.)

Say vr0 has IP x.x.x.129. And I give it an alias;
'ifconfig vr0 alias x.x.x.130 netmask 0xffffffff'.
But now say I want all routing to a certain subnet to come FROM x.x.x.130
instead of the primary interface IP.
I know Linux can route through virtual interfaces like this:
'route add -net <subnet> netmask <netmask> gw <gateway> dev eth0:1', where
eth0:1 is an IP alias for interface eth0.

Thanks for suggestions. Hope I'm not missing something blatantly


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