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sftp-server with OpenSSH

  Has anyone tried to use the new sftp-server subsystem included with
OpenSSH 2.3.0? I can't seem to get it to accept a connection from any
sftp client. I am running OpenSSH 2.3.0 on an OpenBSD-current from about
a month and a half ago. I have included the line:

Subsystem sftp sftp-server

in my /etc/sshd_config file, as per the directions in the sshd(8) and
sftp-server(8) manpages. When I try to connect, my authlog shows an
accepted password for my username, then the message 'subsystem request
for sftp'. It is at this point that all the clients fail, all of them
with unhelpful error messages like 'Error: Connection lost'.
Incidentally, nothing shows up in my messages log. Does anyone have any
clue as to what might be causing this? Thanks in advance...