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2.7/2.8 ix68: GeForce 2 GTS supported (LKM)?

Hi there,

I am looking for various hardware componentes to build my new home

I have been looking into the supported platforms, xfree 4.0.1, OBSD
mailing list archives and nvidia web site. But I have not found
conclusive information on the support of GeForce 2 GTS AGP graphics
boards under OpenBSD. I know that Linux needs an LKM for XFree 4.0.1
to run with an Asus AGP-V7700 GeForce 2 GTS board.

I am planning to buy exactly this board. Is OpenBSD 2.7/2.8 currently
supporting accelerated graphics with this board? Does OpenBSD need an
LKM to support GeForce 2?  If so, is that LKM included with the
release, in the ports or where else?


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