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IPX routing

sorry to have to drag you down this rat hole, but i'm having a problem
setting up IPX routing. i just inherited a network and only yesterday
found out that there was IPX traffic. i have 3 options: give the IPX
generators an eviction notice (you're not running that on my network!),
arrange a second link to the freeloaders who have no purpose here anyway,
or just figure out a way to route the darn stuff.

a quick trip thru geocrawler doesn't reveal much useful. i must confess an
utter lack of knowledge regarding IPX. quick answers appreciated, but
obviously i'd like to understand what's going on.

i've got the basic stuff done - IPX in the kernel, net.ipx.ipx.forwarding=1 -
as for addressing the IPX interface and setting up a route... i'm
lost. suggestions?


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