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Re: What does `option DUMMY_NOPS' do?

From: Morten Liebach <morten_(_at_)_hotpost_(_dot_)_dk>
Subject: Re: What does `option DUMMY_NOPS' do?
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 23:32:59 +0100
> Should a `grep -r DUMMY_NOPS *' in /usr/src not have found that file,
> or is `man 1 grep' just ambigous WRT to the -r option e.g. it doesn't
> recurse deeper than one level?

find /usr/src -name '*.[chsS]' | xargs grep -w DUMMY_NOPS /dev/null

is often more useful.

		Kamo Hiroyasu
		[Kamo is the family name and Hiroyasu the given name.]

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