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Re: What does `option DUMMY_NOPS' do?

On  9, Nov, 2000 at 01:26:55PM -0800, Marco S Hyman wrote:
>  > ``speed hack; recommended''. Man options doesn't mention it, and a
>  > recursive grep for DUMMY_NOPS doesn't help either, it returns hits in
>  > the generated Makefile of the kernel, and in the example config files.
> The option is used in /sys/arch/i386/i386/locore.s.

Should a `grep -r DUMMY_NOPS *' in /usr/src not have found that file,
or is `man 1 grep' just ambigous WRT to the -r option e.g. it doesn't
recurse deeper than one level?

Iff this is so, I think the manpage should be a little more explicit, so
even I can interpret it correctly. :-)
Also the behavior of grep -r is different from cd -r, and knowing cp
better I assumed grep options were nearly the same.

It's just a small thing ...


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