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vm.swapencrypt -> vm.swapencrypt.enable (was Re: filesystem encryption?)

From: Jim Breton <jamesb-openbsd_(_at_)_alongtheway_(_dot_)_com>
Subject: Re: filesystem encryption?
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 06:18:01 +0000
Message-ID: <20001106061801_(_dot_)_O27161_(_at_)_alongtheway_(_dot_)_com>

> On Mon, Nov 06, 2000 at 05:59:08AM +0900, sen_ml_(_at_)_eccosys_(_dot_)_com wrote:
> > > The swap encryption in 2.8 will be a nice addition though.
> > 
> > i'm running an installation of 2.7 (admittedly updated via cvs) which
> > has swap encryption...was it not in the original 2.7 release?  all it
> > takes is editing /etc/sysctl.conf and rebooting, right?  [i suppose if
> > you use sysctl directl, you may not even have to reboot...]
> Doh!  I'm running 2.7 as well (upgraded from 2.6 via FTP)... I didn't
> even realize this was an option.  

btw, i noticed that in 2.8-snapshot, it looks like the sysctl option
for encrypted swap is named:


and no longer


[ this is pretty obvious if you go through updating your etc files manually,
  but i thought i'd mention it anyway. ]