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Re: Compile dies with /: write failed file system full

And how easy is it to just delete the core dumps? I almost always am able to check my computer within an hour, so I can easily delete things. It is just a home system nothing mission-critical so I really don't care. Putting everything into one partition was much easier for my purposes, so stick to what works for you best but don't tell me how I should set up my system.

Quoting "John Smith" (pagemaster41_(_at_)_hotmail_(_dot_)_com):
> That wasn't the problem, I updated from a Snapshot then compiled the current
> source and had no problems, I think someone said it was a bug in ld that
> core dumps and fills up your drive.

Fills up my partition.  fills up YOUR harddrive.

> > > >Without expected info like: IS / full? How empty is it? > >I'll guess: > > > >A quick thought is "USE PARTITIONS" even for a home system.

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