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Re: Very slow boot process with Tyan MB and OBSD 2.7.

On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Seth Arnold wrote:

> Benny, if this were a machine that you didn't care about too much, I
> would suggest using config or boot_config to try to disable the wd0,
> wd1, etc drivers from the kernel. But, it sound rather like you care
> about this box. Will things calm down enough near new-years for you to
> give it a shot? (Of course, if you are lucky, someone will chime in
> telling me why this is a bad idea, and telling you what you need to do.
> :)

Seth & list,

	I thought long and hard about this one, as I'm
still learning more about OpenBSD each day.  However,
this hang time is before the kernel boots - this takes
place before the OpenBSD BOOT prompt.  Am I correct 
in saying that the kernel doesn't come into play before
this prompt comes up?

	Or am I completely off the mark, and am smoking
a load of socks?


"I need to upgrade my /dev/null - mine is getting full."