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Re: Very slow boot process with Tyan MB and OBSD 2.7.

* C. Bensend <benny_(_at_)_bennyvision_(_dot_)_com> [001106 20:54]:
> This system is entirely SCSI, there is no IDE.  It
> seems to go a little overboard trying to find IDE 
> boot devices.

Benny, if this were a machine that you didn't care about too much, I
would suggest using config or boot_config to try to disable the wd0,
wd1, etc drivers from the kernel. But, it sound rather like you care
about this box. Will things calm down enough near new-years for you to
give it a shot? (Of course, if you are lucky, someone will chime in
telling me why this is a bad idea, and telling you what you need to do.

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