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Re: Very slow boot process with Tyan MB and OBSD 2.7.

Are you sure that you have everything terminated correctly?
You might want to see if things boot faster if you have just
one disk attached.

I mention termination, because I once messed that up on an
old DOS system that worked, but took forever to boot; I think
it saw reflections from devices and went through a period where
it was rather confused before continuing the boot.

A thought.

--STeve Andre'

At 10:50 PM 11/6/00 -0600, C. Bensend wrote:

Hey folks,

        I have a Pentium 90 machine, w/32M of RAM,
Tyan (circa 1996) motherboard, Tekram DC-390-F SCSI
controller, and two Netgear 310's running OpenBSD 2.7
Release.  It has all current patches, as of approx.
October 27th or so.

        While the machine runs perfectly, its boot time
is incredible - it takes approximately 10 minutes to
boot.  The boot process hangs while detecting the
hard drive (prior to the OpenBSD BOOT prompt).  It
cycles through hda0 and hda1, and that's where it delays.
This system is entirely SCSI, there is no IDE.  It
seems to go a little overboard trying to find IDE
boot devices.

        I've searched Google, OpenBSD's site, and
various other engines - do any of you have any insight
into this issue?  It doesn't prevent anything from
working properly, but this system is on one of my
borders, and it makes me nervous that it takes that
long to reboot.  The networks it protects aren't
mission-critical or anything, I'm persuing this mostly
out of curiousity (or just plain annoyance).

        I should have been more specific above - it
takes approximately 10 minutes to get to the OpenBSD
BOOT prompt - from there, it boots normally.

I would appreciate any advice/hints/RTFM's you might
give me.  Thank you.


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