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Re: filesystem encryption?

* sen_ml_(_at_)_eccosys_(_dot_)_com <sen_ml_(_at_)_eccosys_(_dot_)_com> [001105 22:18]:
> i'd like to know as well -- i've looked into using vnconfig, but as
> far as i can tell that works only w/ files, and not whole filesystems.
> it'd be nice to have something that's not a port.

Though, I believe the loopback device could be used to mount a file as a
filesystem, created through vnconfig. Though the one day I tried I got a
kernel panic. I wrote it off to not knowing the differences between raw
devices and their block equivelents, and I didn't persue. :)

> > The swap encryption in 2.8 will be a nice addition though.

You are lucky -- you don't have to wait! :) sen_ml is absolutely right
except for his conviction -- swap encryption *IS* in 2.7. :)

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