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Re: Graphical Login questions

Den 4 Nov 2000, klockan 12:09
skrev George Nelson om (Re: Graphical Login questions ):

> Ok, creating a .xsession file worked.  WindowMaker is launched after the
> graphical login prompt.  But when I open my xterm window it appears that
> my .profile and/or .zprofile are not being read (my shell is zsh).  None
> of my aliases for ls or dir are working.  How do I get it so that my
> aliases in the .profile or .zprofile get run?  They worked when I wasn't
> using a non graphical login.

Add "XTerm*loginShell: true" to your .Xresources (if you use such a 
file) or add "-ls" flag when you start xterm.

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