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Re: installation and modem setup

: > I have a subnet from my isp [].
: > 
: > have got obsd working fine, and can see outside and outside can see me,
: > but none of my other machines can see out, the outside world can't see
: > them, and I can't see them from obsd.
: Take a look at /etc/sysctl.conf and check to ensure you changed
: net.inet.ip.forwarding.

yep, did that one ... read it in afterboot.  Still couldnt get it going.

strange thing is that the other machines that 'magically' apeared, all 
have what look like ethernet mac addresses as their gateway.

in addition I have a couple of 'strange' routes like and 127/8 
in the routing table.

I have my isp as default route, do I need the openbsd box as a default 
route also?

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