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Re: QT2 Outputs "virtual memory exhausted"

* John Smith <pagemaster41_(_at_)_hotmail_(_dot_)_com> [001102 19:57]:
> Well I got it compiled and installed cleanly.  All I did was install
> it as root

Were you trying to install it as a normal user? (For that sort of
convenience, look into sudo. *That* manpage is overkill, but the
examples section near the end is good. :)

> and for limit I set all the
> limits(cputime;filesize;datasize;stacksize;coredumpsize;memoryuse;memorylocked;maxproc;openfiles)
> to the max allowed.  I am sure this was a outright stupid thing to do
> but I really wanted to get Qt installed, I am just hoping that the man
> pages tell me a way to restore them to their defaults.

Log out, and log in again. Those limits only effect the current process
and its children. :)

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