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Re: cdrom over nfs

On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 11:43:16PM -0800, Seth Arnold wrote:
> * hmichel_(_at_)_gmx_(_dot_)_net <hmichel_(_at_)_gmx_(_dot_)_net> [001031 23:31]:
> > I´m new to Openbsd 2.7 and one thing a tried is sharing a cdrom over
> > nfs. -> Kernelpanic, installed patch 007_cd9660. Ok, but does this mean
> > it´s not possible to share a cdrom over nfs under OpenBSD? Maybe in
> > future releases?
> As I read the patch announcement, nfs exporting a CDROM is fine under
> 2.7 once patched. I don't have a CDROM drive in this computer with which
> to test this. (Yeah, I'm getting tired of stealing my CDROM drive from
> one of my computers whenever I need to install a new OS onto one of the
> others... :)

Yes, you´re right. Made a second test and all works fine. Seems the
problem was my first Test-CD. Mounting that CD gives me always
User/GroupID 500 100 and rootpath on CD has mode 700. That caused some
permission trouble on my nfs client site and i don´t see the CD
filesystem there. Again, with another CD all works fine. Sorry for