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Re: How do you mount a Win98 drive under OpenBSD

Hey you know whats funny you idiot? I was able to mount my windows drive under OpenBSD. the command is mount -t msdos /dev/wd0i /windows

On 31 Oct 2000, at 23:58, Emre wrote:
> On Tuesday 31 October 2000 23:58, Joe Blow wrote:
> > Inappropriate file type or format.  Plus how do I know what to mount I
> > have like wd0a through wd0p but I do know wd0 is my windows drive.

> Try all of them until it works!
> Try wd0c or something....

Now I've been having just as much fun as the next guy, watching the
"let's all get annoyed at the next new newbie to the list" once again,
but in all this did anybody think that uner Win98 his drive is probably
FAT32, which is not supported under OpenBSD? (Unless 2.8, which is
available for ftp and has been mentioned here in the lists but not on
the website, now supports FAT32.)

So regardless of of how unwilling he may be to type "man <command>", he
ain't gonna be able to mount it anyways.

Not to mention that with a name like Joe Blow, was I the only person to
think "troll?"

Cory C. Albrecht

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