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Re: How do you mount a Win98 drive under OpenBSD

On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 01:55:29AM -0600, Roger Walkup wrote:
> There are 2 issues here.  The first is that the OpenBSD team has spent a *lot*
> more time than most (if not all) unix type OS (Linux, AIX, Solaris, etc) teams
> on the man pages.  The man pages are the best I've seen and this can be a shock
> to people used to the somewhat shitty quality found elsewhere.  The man pages
> are your friends.  The second is that unix in general has steep learning curve;
> that's the price of a system that's very powerful, very stable, highly
> configurable, and a joy to work with.  That doesn't mean it's easy.  Maybe the
> easiest system to use right out of the box was/is the Apple, but it's not
> particularly configurable or powerful(before I get flamed to a crisp, this may
> change with MacOSX).  So keep learning, it'll pay off.

The above is something of the best in this thread, Roger. With a few 
sentences you have tracked down a lot of significant points. Thank you.

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