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Re: QT-1.45 from ports not working

On Tue, 31 Oct 2000, Joe Blow wrote:

> I installed QT from the ports

Good start. Presumably, you did `cd /usr/ports/x11/qt; make; make
install` or similar?

> but then all the applications that require QT say it is not found,

Not as good.

Are you hitting errors on compile? On running a binary that compiled
without complaint? Running a pre-compiled binary? A shell script?

Is this a port? A package? A tarball that tells you to `configure; make;
make install`?

What applications, specifically?

A simple cut and paste of what command you tried, and what error(s)
you get would provide *useful* information.

> is there some bug I haven't heard about or something?

*bzzt* Wrong. Here you are asking "did you guys break something?" Or at
least, that's what it sounds like. Which is never really advisable.
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