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RE: How do you mount a Win98 drive under OpenBSD

On Mon, 30 Oct 2000, Joe Blow wrote:

> The problem with that is I do know what rm -rf / does, I learned a lot of 
> stuff on my own and looking at man pages then the one time I can't figure 
> something out from the man pages no one will help everyone is rude and 
> flames, and I end up not liking the OpenBSD user base.

Aha! Now see, if you had said "I've looked at the man pages, and can't
quite figure it out. Here's the command I tried, and here's the error
I got.", then you probably would have gotten mostly pretty civil responses.
Instead, you complain about not wanting to read the man pages, and just
demand answers ready-made for your situation.

Also, you should realize that, by and large, the OpenBSD user base doesn't
really care whether or not you (or anyone else, for that matter) likes us.
We care about secure systems. That means we appreciate the effort put
forth by the developers, and we appreciate the fact that to *keep* our
"secure by default" systems secure, we need to understand just what we
are doing.

If all you care about is ease of use, then my honest recommendation
would be to stick with Windows. If you need *nix type tools, then
go with a Linux distribution. Like you said, a lot of this stuff has
easy-to-use tools. And odds are, if you have a question, someone's
done up a web page on how they did it. 8)
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