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Re: How do you mount a Win98 drive under OpenBSD

Like you said I have limited time too and I don't need people telling me to go read 80 billion things I just need the answer whether I understand it or not, it is up to me whether or not I just keep using it or read the man pages and figure out what it is doing. I do use and understand most things under openbsd I learned a lot from the man pages but the one time I couldn't figure it out from the man pages pricks like you won't help, flame(which is even more spam), and just bitch about me being an idiot when if you had helped me the first time I only would have had to post once in fact if your gonna flame do it privately so you don't clog the list then.

On Mon, Oct 30, 2000 at 11:23:37PM -0600, Joe Blow wrote:
> Just demonstrating your level of stupidity, I was not talking about market
> share I was talking about that fact that Windows appeals to people because
> of minimal time and requirements to learn how to use it. Plus most windows
> users share all the little tricks and tips with eachother and whens someone
> asks a question stupid or not you can easily get help. It is pricks like
> you that cause people who have their first experience with people like you
> to go back to windows. And guess what without people using it OpenBSD would
> die(although it is doing quite well and I do support it) every OS needs
> people using it whether they pay for it or not.

And the people who use openbsd, and understand it, are more than happy to
keep on using it.

Are you planning on spamming the mailing lists to figure out how to
add a user?  Or how to start apache?  Or do anything else on your
system that's properly documented?

If you are, then I can say that we're more than happy to see you go
back to windows.  I spend enough time looking for genuinely useful
content on the openbsd lists without having to wade through your drivel.

Does that make me an asshole?  No.  I simply have limited time.  So does
everyone else on misc_(_at_)__(_dot_)_  It's a big enough list already -- and when we're
near ship, everybody is very busy.  You spawning off stupid "I don't know
how to log in, someone help me" threads actually slows down the development
of openbsd, because developers have more mail to wade through.

So please -- before simply firing off an email to a list, think about
all those people on the list, and how many times they've seen this question
before, and how many other things they could be doing (like making
openbsd faster, more reliable, or run on more hardware, or even adding
more stuff to the very extensive man pages) that would make your life, as
an openbsd user, better.

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