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RE: How do you mount a Win98 drive under OpenBSD

The problem with that is I do know what rm -rf / does, I learned a lot of stuff on my own and looking at man pages then the one time I can't figure something out from the man pages no one will help everyone is rude and flames, and I end up not liking the OpenBSD user base.

On Mon, 30 Oct 2000, shivak wrote:

> which reminds me - i've noticed that one of four things happens when an
> (ignorant) (lazy) newbie asks a (stupid) question on the mailing list. Some
> people say 'man', some people whine and moan about how stupid linux users
> are, others give destructive answers (rm -rf /). When I think about it, all
> of these things contribute to more junk than its worth. Whether its being
> ignorant or inane, having inferior genes, or not having the physical
> capacity to type three letters at a shell prompt, its getting really tiring
> hearing dozens of people scream about how stupid that newbie is.

Give me a break.  Those negative responses aren't because of a newbie
question.  The original question was a fine question, and the first
response was fine with the manpage references was fine, too.

The more than appropriate responses that came later were in response to an
entirely pathetic, ignorant, and irresponsible attitude.

rm -rf / sounds fine to me.  I think I'll do it as root and then read the
manpage.  Oops, where'd the manpage go???


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