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ntp question

I want to set up an ntp client/server for my internal network (of course on
an OpenBSD box).  Looking through the documentation, it would seem that I
only need to creat a /etc/ntp.conf containing:

negril:etc {105} cat ntp.conf
server tick.usno.navy.mil
server tock.usno.navy.mil
driftfile /etc/ntp.drift

I tested this by setting my mac's clock using the new server.  Everything
seems to work fine.  My question is: are there any issues I should be aware of
concerning ntp?  Does anybody have any pointers to a beginners quick start
guide? (One not so painfully detailed as the web pages that come with the ntp
package.  I find a quick start much more useful the first time I encounter a
new utility.)  Thanks.